Teen Acne

Teen Acne
Teen acne can be frustrating, but can be treated.

The life of a teenager can be a really stressful time. Going to school, trying to hold down a job, and dealing with relationships all add to the stress factor. And to make matters worse, there is teen acne. Acne in teenagers is the most common situation you will find for acne. In today’s world, where everyone, especially teens, are trying to look their best, having acne pimples and zits all over their face is not acceptable.

You’re not alone, however. About 90% of adolescents have some form of acne. In some cases, it may be mild. And in others, the acne breakouts may cover the face. Luckily, today we have a much better understanding of acne in teens, and know effective ways to treat it.

The reason acne is so prevalent in teenagers is because of hormones. When puberty begins, the body begins production of hormones called androgens. These are male hormones, produced in both men and women. The presence of these hormones makes your body’s sebum (oil) production go haywire. The body begins producing extra oil, and this oil clogs pores, trapping oil and bacteria inside. This causes a painful bump, otherwise known as an acne pimple or zit, to appear.

Treating Teenage Acne

The important question now is how do we treat teen acne? Acne in teenagers is usually subject to higher social pressures than adults would face. Teens with acne can become embarrassed and want an instant solution to their acne zit problem.

Acne in Teenagers
Knowing the basics is the first step in treating acne in teenagers.

Unfortunately, the one week cures for acne typically are not the answer. The good news is that teen acne can be cured, but it will take a while, usually in about two months with proper treatment. You should be aware of basic acne skin care, and practice it daily. It may take a few minutes of time out of your day, but having a clear face will be worth the effort. Another important step in healing acne in teens is to stop picking your pimples!

You should also be aware of the acne myths. A little knowledge will go a long way in helping with acne. For example, some think tanning is good for your skin and can help with acne. This is false, and tanning can actually damage your skin and make acne worse over the long term. Also, for anyone wearing makeup, make sure you are using oil-free and non-comedogenic products, as these will not contribute to clogging your pores.

There are many medications that can help with acne. Some require a prescription from your doctor, and some can be bought over the counter. A lot of these acne medications have side effects you should be aware of. One word of advice we can offer, is be aware of the miracle cures. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

There are also all natural, holistic treatment options that we recommend for curing teenage acne. We recommend the Acne no More system. It has helped many teens deal with their acne problem. And with this program, there is no worry about side effects.

There is no one perfect answer for what works best to treat teen acne. Everyone is different, and you may have to go through some trial and error before you find what works for you. The important thing is to not give up the fight. Following the list of acne do’s and don’ts and basic skin care will go along way to helping you become acne free.

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Acne Fact:

Women are more likely to develop acne.
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