Stop Picking and Popping Acne Pimples and Zits

Picking Pimples
Learn why you should not pop acne pimples and zits.

Some people with acne are looking for a quick fix to remove their pimples and zits. They think that popping them is the quickest way to be pimple free. It’s the way the world works these days, instant gratification. What they don’t realize is for the one acne pimple that is popped, three or four new ones will be taking their place. That is because the pressure in popping a pimple forces the bacteria that makes the pimple deeper into the skin, causing more acne zits to form.

Aside from creating more breakouts, picking pimples creates the possibility of acne scars. And scars are much harder to treat than acne is. You don’t want to face the day when all your acne bumps are gone, but you are lift with a face full of pits from scarring. That should be reason alone to never pick your acne breakouts.

There are some of you may experience the obsessive feeling of guilt and shame that goes along with picking your acne bumps, pimples, and zits. After some time you may notice that you have almost a need to pick and just can't seem to help it. Some people can’t sleep or go into public because of this condition. This behavior may be more than just picking a zit. This behavior can suggest a whole different problem called OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). A large portion of the picking is believed to be due to anxiety, but mostly, it’s just an obsession. Most people can't seem to leave it alone if they know there's something to pick at. This does not only apply to the face, it’s all over the body. People can do it to their arms, legs, back, shoulders, anywhere there is acne or “bumps”. Some doctors believe that this disorder can cause a person to pick even the good skin that is not affected by the acne. This is something most people that realize they have a problem just wish that they could stop.

Popping acne pimples can also make you blame yourself for the acne in the first place. Some of this behavior can be stopped if you try to not look so closely in the mirror. Just try to forget about it. If you don’t know the zits are there you may not pick them. Some of the scarring may improve if you don’t pick because you haven’t transferred the new bacteria to your face to breed more acne or even a secondary infection life staph.

Your hands and fingers carry a lot of bacteria. And when you even touch your face this bacteria is transferred from your hands. It is this bacteria that causes acne. When you pop a pimple or zit, this gives a conduit for the bacteria to go directly down in the pore, making the acne worse. This is why you should never pop your pimples. This is one of the worst things you can do when you have acne. We cannot stress this fact enough. Check out our other acne do’s and don’ts as well if you have not seen them.

One good tip to stop you from popping pimples is to try to time your bathroom preparation to 5 minutes or less so you don’t have time to spend in front of the mirror picking. Also, getting a friend or family member to get ready with you, i.e. they brush their teeth as you wash your face, is a good one as you are less likely to pick when others are around. Someone said before, one of the best things they did was remove any mirrors in their homes, that way you aren't looking at yourself and making time to pick.

Popping Zits
Don't let others pick at your zits either!

Anti-histamines can help with the itching and burning sensations and especially the pressure under the skin and that tight feeling. A healthy diet and making sure you are not stressed is a key factor. Get rid of stressful situations and simplify your life. If you’re unhappy, this depression caused by acne can be a cause for a reason to pick at the acne.

Hormones can also be a major cause of acne. You may notice many more spots to pick when your hormone levels are due to change, like around the time for your menstrual cycle. Birth control pills can sometimes help with this problem by helping to balance your hormones.

People with cystic acne say when they obsess about picking it can be a very painful time for them and sometimes seem like they only pick until it bleeds and becomes too painful to touch. It ends up feeling like someone has punched you in the face.

You almost have to give up on expensive skin treatments like Nivea, T-zone and Clearasil that you buy in the supermarkets. These treatments promise the world but usually don’t deliver. This failure can give you more anxiety and in turn you may pick more because of the let down. It’s really hard to find an over the counter fix for picking. First you must deal with the picking disorder to allow the acne to heal. The picking can sometimes become much harder to get rid of than the acne. The fact is that if you suffer from a skin picking disorder, the best thing to do is concentrate on treating your acne.

One of the best ways to treat acne is by taking an all natural approach. There are many products on the market that offer a quick fix, such as in a week or less. This is really absurd when you think about it. Again, the instant gratification of today’s society plays right into this marketing gimmick. That is why we recommend the Acne no More system. This all natural system to cure acne has helped so many people, and did it without harsh acne medications. If you are looking to cure your acne, do yourself a favor and take a look at this system.

Paying attention to something besides picking is the first step in your road to recovery. Sitting on your hands is a good trick if you have to take it to that level. If you start to pick just remember how bad you felt and looked after the last time you picked. Some people have been known to pick pretty serious craters into their faces without really being able to stop. When somebody has a picking problem that is this far gone, the serious infection rate can skyrocket and so can the depression. If your picking is making your acne worse because of the scarring or if you just can’t stop, you may have a more serious problem. Sometimes a doctor can write a prescription for an anti anxiety medication that will hopefully stop the picking of zits and pimples.

If you must pick at your acne here are some tips:

There you go. If there is one piece of advice we can leave you with, its picking acne is bad. It is only going to make things worse, and possibly even leave acne scars. So remember, don’t pop those pimples and zits!

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