Genital Acne

Genital Acne
Genital acne can be embarassing, but it is not an STD and can be cured.

Acne most commonly occurs on the face, neck, chest, and back. However, acne can also appear in the genital area on men and women. Genital acne, a type of folliculitis, is caused by the same factors that cause acne on other parts of the body. Genital acne is actually a medical condition called Hidraentis Suppurativa or Acne Inversa.

If you begin to get zits and bumps in the genital region, it is important to see a doctor to find out that it is for sure genital acne, and not some other problem such as a sexually transmitted disease. Genital acne is not an STD, and is not contagious. It also does not mean you are a dirty person or have engaged in unsafe sex. It simply means that your pores in the genital region are blocked and the skin has become irritated.

Males can get pimples on the penis and scrotum. The lower part of the penis shaft and scrotum seem to be particularly prone to the acne pimples caused by genital acne. The number of pimples that may form on the penis range from one to many, and can occur in rows. The pimples also become more visible when the penis is erect. Also, as with any pimple, if the penis pimples are squeezed, white puss will come out.

Women may get pimples and spots on the vagina. Vaginal acne is mostly found in the Western societies during puberty and in pregnant women. It is important to see a doctor to find out if pimples on the vagina are genital warts or acne.

Unlike acne vulgaris, which involves the sebaceous glands, genital acne involves a different set of glands. These are called the apocrine glands. The apocrine glands are located in the groin area and under the arms and nipples. These glands can also become blocked just as the sebaceous glands do. Perspiration is usually the culprit. When materials get trapped in these glands and cannot get out of the body, they end up being forced out into the tissues that surrounds the blocked glands. The end result is a painful infection and inflammation that sometimes causes lesions to appear on the skin.

Genital acne is usually caused by the accumulation of sweat in the genital region, sometimes by sports equipment or clothing. It can also be caused by a reaction to certain types of laundry soaps.

Even though genital acne is not an STD, most people with genital acne tend to feel ashamed and embarrassed. This is especially true in sexually active people with genital acne.

Tips to treat genital acne:

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Acne Fact:

Frequent washing of the acne-affected skin does not help.
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