Folliculitis Breakouts on Your Buttocks

Butt Pimples
Breakouts on the buttocks can be very uncomfortable.

If you are getting seemingly random breakouts of pimples, zits, boils, and rashes on your buttocks, you might think you are getting butt acne. There is a good chance that these breakouts are not acne, but folliculitis. Folliculitis can occur anywhere on the body. We will be dealing with a common area men get folliculitis, and that is on their buttocks. Folliculitis on the butt is not limited to men, women can also get breakouts on their behinds as well. If you are looking for information dealing with body acne on other parts of the body, please check out our body acne page.

What are these breakouts I am getting on my butt?

Many people with folliculitis may think they have acne. This is not true. Folliculitis is not acne. Folliculitis occurs when hair follicles get infected. This infection usually is caused by bacteria (including staph), but can often be caused by fungus, a virus, or other microorganisms such as yeast. One of the most common places for folliculitis to occur is on the buttocks.

Ordinarily healthy people can wake up one day and discover their ass has red bumps or boils on it. They get freaked out, and have no idea what it is. Well, you can relax. Folliculitis on the butt usually goes away on its own in a week or two with proper care.

Rash on Butt
A butt rash can occur when the hair follicles on the butt get infected.

People with folliculitis on the butt may have a hard time sitting down as the breakouts make it very uncomfortable. It can hurt really bad in some cases. The pimples may also itch. It is important not to scratch as this will only make the infection and rash worse.

The difference between boils and folliculitis is that folliculitis will only occur where your hair follicles are. Boils are freestanding.

What causes folliculitis of the buttocks?

Typically it can occur when you are sweating and wearing clothes that are tight against the buttocks. The sweat dries before you get a chance to clean. This sweat clogs pores and attracts bacteria. The combination of the two will infect hair follicles, causing folliculitis. People who live in hot, humid climates are more susceptible to this. Also, people sitting on their butt all day at an office also get folliculitis commonly.

Butt Folliculitis
An infected hair follicle on the butt can lead to butt folliculitis.

Another cause of folliculitis flaring up on the buttocks that we have seen is caused by the acne medication Accutane. We have heard multiple reports of people taking Accutane to cure their acne only causing red bumps to appear on their butt. We recommend talking to your doctor about this immediately. We also recommend stop taking the Accutane if this is the case. There are many side effects with Accutane. To cure acne, we have had extremely good results using the Acne no More system. With this system, you can learn to cure your acne once and for all completely holistically and won’t have to worry about the Accutane side effects like the red bumps you are getting on your ass. Many people have reported great success with this system dealing with folliculitis as well, and we highly recommend it.

Is the folliculitis on my butt contagious?

There is no easy answer for this. In most cases it is probably not. It depends on what has caused the infection. For example, if your folliculitis was caused by staph bacteria, staph is highly contagious. This is also the case if it was caused by most viruses. Folliculitis causes by sweat and yeast are not contagious. It is hard to tell what caused the infection, so it is best to assume it is contagious and act accordingly. You definitely don’t want to put your hand on it as not only the bacteria on your hand can make the breakouts worse, you may be spreading staph around your body. It is also important to not share your washcloth or towel with anyone during when you are dealing with this type of infection. You should always be using a clean washcloth and towel each time you shower.

This all may sound scary but don’t worry too much. With the proper precautions you won’t spread the infection. The important thing is to not touch your butt when you have a folliculitis breakout. Keep your hands away from your butt rash.

What can I do to clear up folliculitis on my butt?

It can be very embarrassing to have these butt pimples. Especially for people in a new relationship, it can be particularly embarrassing to tell your partner you have pimples all over your butt. Rest assured that these butt zits are not an STD.

Folliculitis on the Buttocks

There are things you can do to help the hair follicles recover and the pimples to go away. It may sound strange, but start exfoliating your butt once a day. You can use a regular scrub brush. Don’t scrub too hard. It won’t feel good, but it should not hurt much at all. Just reach back there and scrub with a mild antibacterial soap. You do not want to use typical acne cleansers that are designed for your face because that is not what you have. Exfoliating your butt will release all the dead skin back there. It will also remove excess sebum and other things you don’t want to be living on your butt. Do this once a day and your butt should clear up in about a week. Many of the basic skin care needs for acne can also be very effective in clearing folliculitis.

If during the exfoliation process you happen to open up some of the lesions, it is a good idea to put some isopropyl rubbing alcohol on the area using cotton pads. You should go over the whole but using this process as it helps the healing process.

It is important to keep your butt clean when dealing with a folliculitis breakout. Wear clean underwear at all times. And for those that shave their butt, do not shave back there until the breakouts are gone. Make sure you are always wearing clean underwear, and sleeping on clean sheets.

If the breakouts don’t begin clearing in about a week, you may also want to see a doctor. He may prescribe an oral antibiotic to help deal with the infection if it is a bacterial caused infection. Your doctor will prescribe anti-fungal drugs or topical treatments if the infection is caused by a fungus.

Learn to keep the breakouts off your butt permanently.

Buttocks Rash
With a little effort, you can cure your butt folliculitis and be able to sit comfortably again.

To keep the folliculitis off your butt permanently, wear loose pants and underwear. This is especially true if you sweat a lot during the day. Don’t think of wearing those tight jeans. Shower immediately after any activity which causes you to sweat. You may even want to use rubbing alcohol wipes on your butt after each shower. Also, try some of the acne home remedies we have, they have been reported as effective in helping with folliculitis as well.

If you notice the breakouts on your butt keep coming back, and you are a person who just sweats a lot, we have found a great system that will actually lower your overall sweating. Check out the Prevent Sweating system by Mike Ramsey. I personally have tried this system and it works. I used to sweat a lot, and now my sweating is probably only 60% of what it used to be. And I only sweat when doing a lot of physical activity. I used to sweat just sitting around doing nothing at all.

So there you have it. The breakouts on your butt are not that uncommon. With a little care, you should be breakout free in about a week. Just keep your butt clean and remember to wear clean, loose fitting pants.

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