Celebrities With Acne

Celebrities with Acne
You may be suprised by the famous people and celebrities with acne.

So you have acne? "Whoa is me" you think. Why is this happening to me? Why can’t I get rid of this acne? Why can’t I be like one of the beautiful and hot celebrities we see at the movies or on TV?

Well, you are more like a lot of them than you think! Even with all the money at their disposal and the best doctors around, celebrities are not immune to acne. In fact, they may even be more prone to acne due to their lifestyles. It is a simple fact that many celebrities have acne.

Stress is known as one of the causes of acne, and the lives of most celebrities are very stressful. They worry about failing and constantly having to face the media. All this stress is the perfect setup for acne. On the set, celebrities (both male and female) wear a lot of makeup. This makeup blocks pores in the skin and fuels the conditions for acne.

So how to these celebrities control their acne? We rarely see any celebrities with acne. This is because, yes, having good doctor’s helps with controlling acne. They also use makeup covers up acne. And, of course, there is the ever increasing use of CGI. That’s right, digital enhancement. If you’re a movie studio paying an actor $10 million dollars or more for a movie, you do not want to see him or her on screen with acne. So what the makeup doesn’t cover up, each frame can be digitally edited to remove the acne! Unfortunately, we do not have this option in real life.

So who are these celebrities with acne? This is by far not a complete list, and even those on the list may not currently have acne. But at one point in their life they struggled with acne. Some of the names of the famous people who had acne may surprise you.

List of Celebrities with Acne:

So as you can see, you are not alone. Acne can effect anyone and on any part of your body. Luckily you are not alone in this fight. Most acne can be cured. Knowing the basic acne skin care is the first step in controlling acne.

We highly recommend looking into a system such as Acne no More to help you treat your acne. This system uses an all natural approach, so you won’t have to deal with the side effects of commercial medications. It has helped many people cure their acne, which is why we highly recommend it.

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Acne Fact:

Boys are generally less likely to seek treatment for their acne.
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