Basic Skin Care for Acne

Basic Skin Care for Acne
Knowing proper acne skin care is essential.

For those with acne, or those who just want to be sure they are preventing future acne breakouts, know basic acne skin care is essential. This is just the basic things you should be doing everyday to keep your skin healthy to keep future breakouts away. Proper acne skin care is critical for those that are more prone to blemishes.

Daily skin care will remove excess oils in the skin, keep your pores clear, and will help the healing process of breakouts that have occurred. Acne skin care doesn’t need to interfere with your life, but you just need to be sure to fit it into your schedule regardless of how busy you are. It is much easier to prevent future acne breakouts than it is to fight off ones that have already happened.

Acne skin care tips:

  1. Make sure you wash your face in the morning with some sort of cleanser combination scrub.
  2. Put some sort of moisturizer on that has at least SPF 15 in it (that doesn't block out ALL of the sun) so you'll still get the benefits you have before.
  3. At night don't forget to wash your face again. If your skin is sensitive, make sure to try and get something that fits that . And put on moisturizer and medication again before you go to bed.
  4. Use a toner after each washing of the affected area and before your moisturizer. Day and night.
  5. Exfoliate the skin. A gentle home microdermabrasion kit will really help out. Exfoliating once or twice a week will help fight acne and will also help eliminate previous scarring. Exfoliating will also help the skin have a natural healthy glow.
  6. Here is a great acne skin care tip. Don’t stress about it! If it is true that acne can flare up when you are stressed then getting stressed from your acne cant help.
  7. Be wary of soap bars because that can actually help clog pores (not all of the soap is washed out, and then after you pat your skin dry, there's a residue left that collects in your pores), thus producing more acne.
  8. Do not touch, pick an acne pimple or attempt to force a zit to pop. The oils and dirt on our hands can get under the skin and become infected causing a much larger problem.
  9. Keep hair, scarves, hair wraps and makeup off the skin or affected area, basically keep anything that can hold bacteria and oils near the skin away.
  10. If you absolutely must pick the affected area wash hands thoroughly and use two sterile cotton swabs pushing down on the skin around the zit or pimple.

It seems like a lot to do, but really it’s not. These tips won't work miracles for those with acne breakouts, but can make things better. And for those without acne, this type of skin care will go a long way in preventing future breakouts. Make sure you drink plenty of water every day! Water helps flush out all the bad stuff your body can accumulate throughout the day and it keeps you moisturized form the inside out! It does wonders for acne skin care.

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So there you go. Just follow the acne skin care regimen outlined above, and you are well on your way to great, breakout free skin.

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Acne Fact:

Chest and back acne is more prevalent in males.
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