Adult Acne in Men

Male Adult Acne
Find out about adult acne in men, called male adult acne.

Acne is the most common skin ailment in the world. And it is not only for teenagers. Male adult acne is a common complaint that affects around 25% of men and 50% of women at some point in their adult lives. Ideas on what could cause sudden adult acne differ. Acne breakouts often occur when hormonal changes take place. acne treatments you used as a teen may not work for your adult skin. While teenagers skin tends to be oily, chances are your skin today is less oily but still none the less prone now to break outs. Products for teen acne may be over drying. And you may have other issues you'd like to address too, like sun damage or allergies. Targeting your skin care needs and treatments for your skin as it is today will help get the results you're looking for. Another thing to be certain of is that your condition may be rosacea as the symptoms can be very similar.

Adult men tend to have more body acne and “bacne” (the term that means back acne) than women. Some treatments for body acne differ slightly because simply where the treatment site is on the body. Depending where on the body the acne is can affect the treatment. Affected areas may be harder to access and keep clean and free of bacteria’s.

There are many reason why adult male acne sufferers are more likely to get severe cases of acne. It could be because most of the adult acne products treat adult acne too lightly. Some might think that it would be a now and then thing and for most, they don't have facts about adult acne. Besides, most teen acne sufferers are exposed to social pressures that are not as important to adults. This could be due to puberty. Some would say they would even be more anxious to have their acne treated so as not to be embarassed in social settings.

As with all acne, teenage or otherwise, the causes of adult acne in men remain unclear, but some cases are thought to link changes or imbalances in hormones. These hormonal changes occur at different times in our lives and create increases in the amount of oil and bacteria in our skin which in turn leads to blocked pores and hair follicles. Waste and bacteria building up under the surface of the skin becomes infected and brings on the painful bumps and pimples suffered by adults and acne sufferers alike, generally causing the need for the search for an effective adult acne treatment. Acne no More is the recommended treatment for men of all ages. This holistic approach to curing all types of acne is proven effective.

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Acne Fact:

81-92 percent of boys have acne.
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