Acne Treatments

Acne Treatment
Find out about acne treatments.

Acne treatments vary greatly and should always be discussed with a doctor or dermatologist before considering. The type of treatment depends on a few factors, how severe, where on the body and what is causing it.

Acne Treatments for scarring

Scarring is a result of acne that has been left untreated or inadequately treated.

Acne scarring is treated in three main ways as follows:

  1. Surface scarring is sometimes treated by resurfacing the skin with chemical peels dermabrasion, and even with lasers.

  2. Deep scarring is treated by filling the area scarred with an individual's own tissue or using injections or implanted agents.

  3. Thick scars can be separated from surface skin by a process called Dermal Undermining.

Acne Treatments - Medications

Medication can cure some acne case but do come with side effects:
  1. Accutane is one of the most popular medications available. Accutane can sometimes clear acne, make it worse and/or cause liver problems.

  2. Benzaclin is a gel product that can cause permanent skin damage and discoloration.

  3. Blu-u is a light system that uses a Rx solution plus a light you sit under for a certain amount of time to reduce acne breakouts.

Acne Treatments - Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can only complicate things further with an acne condition, making acne treatment harder. There are no real treatments for sensitive skin itself.

  1. Only use over the counter creams and solutions made specifically for sensitive skin.

  2. Never over dry sensitive skin, always use a moisturizer even with oily skin. This can have devastating results on healing.

  3. Most acne medications and Sensitive skin treatments all involve a milder solution and more moisturizers.
There are many side effects to consider when getting an acne treatment. Unfortunately when it comes to medicine and surgery, there are no magic bullets. That is why we recommend the holistic approach found in the Acne no More system. This step-by-step holistic treatment method has no side effects and has proven time and time again to be the most effect acne treatment you can find today.
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Acne Fact:

Factors that may contribute to acne in women include hormonal fluctuations associated with their menstrual cycles, and cosmetic use.
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