Acne Medictions can Affect the Liver

Acne Medications Liver
Some acne medications can be bad for your liver.

Acne pharmaceuticals aren't the safest. Some claim dermatologists prescribe too harsh of medications which only make acne worse. I was even once on Accutane and HATE the fact that I ever put one of those pills into my body! It only helped for a little while and then the acne came back even worse! Then I found out about the damage it can cause to the liver, and was horrified.

People have found that avoiding dairy products helped with their acne because of the chemicals and hormones in dairy products. The fact is that acne is caused by excess sebum getting clogged in pores, and made worse by bacteria getting involved. Diet isn't really thought to have a huge effect on this. There is a little bit of debate about dairy and the hormones in it may be playing a part, but beyond that... I wouldn't hold much hope on it making much of a difference

Is there a drug that is safe? Drugs can be safe when they are specifically used for their intended purpose. Accutane is one of the drugs that require regular testing of your liver functionality.

That scares me. Livers are important! Acutane isn't a perfect miracle cure. It’s a high dose of vitamin A that basically temporarily knocks out and reboots oil production. Yes, it does require liver checks and it carries a very small risk of making acne worse, as well as this amazing ability to (often permanently) get rid of horrendously painful and disfiguring acne in a huge number of cases. Many other drugs carry a liver damage risk as well, like alcohol, ibuprophen and some antifungals. When you take any medicine there is a risk to balance with the positive effect you hope to obtain. Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes it’s not. Acne itself can also potentially lead to bad things. Depression related suicides, infections and bad acne breakouts. You don't want any of these.

Some people have problems with traditional pharmaceuticals like allergies let alone the side affects factors. Hopefully they'll consider holistic treatments which studies have also found that may contribute to reduced inflammation. The best holistic treatment we have found is Acne no More. This is an system that is apparently the best kept secret on the Internet. We here at are trying to get the word out on this amazing product. Take it from us, you don't want to deal with liver damage. If you are looking into permenantly curing your acne, do yourself a huge favor and take a look at this system and see for yourself. Your liver will thank you for it!

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Acne Fact:

Folliculitis is not the same as acne.
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