Foods That Trigger Acne

Acne Trigger Foods
Watching out for acne trigger foods may stop breakouts from happening.

When it comes to different foods triggering acne, it seems like everyone has a different opinion. Most dermatologists say that food plays no part at all in bringing about the onset of acne. They claim this is an acne myth. They claim the idea of an acne trigger food is not possible.

However, there have been countless people come forward to claim that when they eat certain foods, it brings on new breakouts of acne. There are reports of many people who have switched to a diet consisting of mostly fruits and vegetables while dealing with acne have succeeded in clearing their skin. Then, as they slowly revert back to their old eating habits, the acne returns.

Observations such as these have been reported for more than 20 years. I say there must be something to this. There is something going on that even doctors do not understand. For anyone trying to cure there acne, it would be a disservice to them not to report this. For the person wanting every advantage when treating acne, we list below common foods that have been reported to trigger acne. Remember, these are not scientifically proven, just what years of observation have told us.

Acne Trigger Foods

    Foods That Trigger Acne
    We know fast food is bad, but it can also bring on pimples.
  1. Fast Food: Everyone knows that fast food is just not good for you. However, not everyone is aware that it can lead to acne as well. Fast food is full of grease, oil, and fat that can inflate your figure and break your face out. Whiteheads and Blackheads pop up when pores get clogged by oil in the skin, so keeping fast food out of your diet may stop the build-up of oil in your body.

  2. Spicy Food: Most people have been stung by a bee or bitten by a mosquito, so they know that the area sorrounding the sing or bite feels warm to the touch. Well, when someone eats spicy food, the body has a similar reaction. It causes warming and inflammation. This happens because your body lets out chemicals and antibodies to fight the spice. These things may benefit your body, but the stress it places on your system may lead to acne. Unfortunately for those who love Mexican food, spicy foods have been shown to trigger acne.

  3. Foods that cause you to have allergic reactions: For some reason, some people's bodies treat certain foods as if they are invaders that you need protection from. Just like spicy foods, these foods will throw your body into chaos, thus causing inflammation, stress, and acne. So, if you are one of those people that say, "I have an allergy to food A, but it does not bother me that much, so I still eat it sometimes". You need to stop eating foods that you are allergic to. Eating those foods is not a good idea and not good for your body. Your body is telling you to avoid them.

  4. Acne Food Triggers
    Milk may do a body good, but it can also bring about acne breakouts in some people.
  5. Dairy Products: Did you know that most animals bodies cannot tolerate milk when they grow out of infancy. And, if milk was not heavily integrated into the U.S.'s diet, human's bodies would be the same way. Many people that live in other countries are actually considered to be lactose intolerant. In the United States, there are many people who are unaware that they have an intolerance. They just continue to drink milk, and they have no idea what it does to their body. Diary products can also cause inflammation, unfortunately resulting in an acne trigger food.

  6. Vegetable Oil: Vegetable oil has various negative effects on our bodies. This food makes our list because the oils not only clog your pores, but they also causes inflammation. Both of these things, as you know, cause acne. So, beware. Vegetable oil is in many foods, so be careful. Virgin olive oil is a great alternative, and has actually showed some ability to fight off acne.
Acne Triggers
Vegetable oil is in a lot of our foods, and is known as an acne food trigger.

Prevention is the most favorable way to treat acne. If you do not get acne to begin with then there is no need to further control it. In some cases, acne is simply a result of your body's negative reacting to an ingested substance. This might sound absolutely ludicrous if you already suffer from acne, but if you stay away from the foods listed above, you are one step ahead in the battle to prevent acne. It seems once we get that first breakout, more are not far behind. So we need to be aware of anything that might trigger acne breakouts.

The Acne no More system gets into more details about different foods and how they can cause your body to breakout. This system is a must for anyone wanting to get rid of your acne. If you have tried various cleansers, quick fixes, and medications – give this system a try. It has been proven to cure acne and prevent further breakouts. We highly recommend it.

Hopefully, you now have a generally idea of the modifications you need to make to your diet. We may love our acne trigger foods, but we also like having acne free skin. Good luck with your acne problem.

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Acne Fact:

About 85% of people get acne at some point in their life.
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