About Acne

About Acne
Finding out about acne is your first step down the path of being cured.

For someone who is suffering from acne, learning about acne can go a long way in helping cure this condition. Acne is the term used to describe clogged or plugged pores in the face neck, chest, back, and shoulders. These can be pimples such as blackheads or whiteheads, cysts, or nodules.

Acne is caused by oil called sebum, dead skin and bacteria. When your liver and spleen cannot convert toxins fast enough, they send the toxins to the largest defense organ of the body, the skin.

The hair on your skin is supposed to help dirt and oil slide down the hair strand through sweating. Each hair has a follicle, on the face the follicle is a pore. Your sweat canal carries the oil to the correct gland to prepare to secrete the oil through the hairs in your pores. You get bumps when the oil ruptures in the canal that is carrying it. Ruptures turn red and get big because your skin's natural defense kicks in to fight the oil rupture. Puss is a result of a rupture.

Blackheads are the result of a blocked canal that didn’t secrete properly. The black tip is formed from the oil mixing with the oxygen on the surface as it hardens. Inside your acne are bacteria. They feed on the dead skin and oil in your pores. They grow (reproduce) and your body sends white blood cells to fight them. This causes swelling, tenderness, and redness.

Most of the bacteria comes from your fingers and is put on your face when you touch it. This is why you should never pick your acne pimples. There is also a huge concentration of bacteria under your fingernails, so when you pick you introduce huge amounts of bacteria to the skin on the surrounding areas. Have you noticed that when you pick you tend to break out around that area? Also, when you pick, even if you wash your face, you leave huge amount of bacteria on the surface of the skin on your face. Bacteria infect your pores again and this time it goes into multiple pores, creating blemishes. The one thing you have the power to really control is bacteria. There are two main sources of bacteria - your fingers and especially your fingernails.

Some people just have acne on their face. Some have it terribly all over their entire body. Acne is embarrassing and painful physically and emotionally. Unfortunately you can't stop oil production. All these remedies that claim to eliminate oil generally end up backfiring. They dry your skin out, and then your body produces more oil to compensate. Trying to over dry your skin will also contribute to scarring. Some acne is caused by hormones.

Acne can be hard to cure. There will be time involved. Don't believe those who say it can be treated in under a week. This is extremely unlikely. We recommend you check out the eBook Acne no More. The author, Mike Walden, reveals some amazing secrets and information to help you permanently cure all different types of acne. We have heard from countless people that this system helped cure there acne, and is why we stand behind it.

Acne affects nearly everyone at some point in time. Americans alone spend well over 150 million dollars a year just on nonprescription acne treatments. This does not include cleansers and such, as well as the prescription medications. Hopefully you have gained some knowledge about acne. Now look through the other pages in this site to find out more about this unfortunate condition.

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Acne Fact:

Folliculitis is not the same as acne.
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